Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security on Server 2012

Internet Explorer can be a pain of its own when it is set to its default settings. It gets even worse when Microsoft locks it down so much that you can’t even pull down anything to download. Instead of adding every website to a trusted site zone, you can disable the security for IE on the server, and then re-enable it when you aren’t using it.

In Windows Server 8, it can be even more difficult to find where the hell to disable the Enhanced Security Features for Internet Explorer. It changes every time Microsoft decides to release an OS…

1) Open Server Manager

Go ahead and open server manager. It should be the icon in the lower left hand corner of a default Windows Server 8 installation. Click on “Local Server”. Once you have the “Local Server” highlighted, you will see IE Enhanced Security Configuration set to “On”.

2) Click “On” to bring up the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security settings

From here, you will be able to turn off the security for Internet Explorer so you can go an grab the files that you need for your new server. Yes, you could always download them to your flash drive and transfer them… but sometimes we don’t always have those handy!

via: http://www.serversideup.net/servers/disable-internet-explorer-enhanced-security-on-server-2012

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